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This site provides a stream of radio traffic from the Bloomington Site of the Indiana Project Hoosier SAFE-T radio system. You can pick which talkgroups you want to listen to, or choose from predefined scanlists.

This site time-shifts radio transmissions like a DVR. When two transmissions overlap using a standard scanner or streaming site you will only hear one, then you will scan into the second one in progresss. Here, the site will play the first transmission and when that is complete it will start to play the second transmission from the beginning. You won't miss any of the radio traffic.

Getting Started

Jump right into the Main Scan List, or choose from other scanlists or talkgroups from the menu.

The new user registration system is currently not working. However, an account is not needed to listen.

Additional Information

See our About page for more information, or visit bloominglabs.org to learn more about Bloominglabs.



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